Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buffalo Shrimp

I don't eat shrimp but Neil loves them. So to go along with the buffalo chicken tenders I made recently, I made him up a special batch of buffalo shrimp from Stephanie's blog. He loved them!

20 jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 eg
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup panko
1/3 cup of Franks Buffalo sauce, or your favorite sauce
salt and pepper

Pat the shrimp dry and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Dip first in the flour, followed by the egg, and then panko. Repeat until all shrimp are coated.

You can either bake or fry the shrimp. I choose to fry them. To do this, heat some vegetable oil in a nonstick skillet. Put the shrimp in the oil and flip after 3 minutes, or when golden brown. Repeat for the other side. If you choose to bake, preheat the oven to 425 and bake until cooked trough and crisp on the outside.

Remove cooked shrimp to a shallow dish. Coat with buffalo sauce and toss until evenly coated. Enjoy!

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