Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 Goals For This Year- Food and Blog Related

I can hardly believe 2010 is over! It seriously feels like just a few months ago that my husband and I said "I do" and moved out to California from Georgia together! We made it out just in time to ring in 2010 together in California and I feel like the time has flown by!

So many wonderful things have happened this year.

Neil and I spent our first year together as a married couple and celebrated our one year anniversary on December 19th. I feel so blessed to be married to him and even more blessed that we were able to spend our entire first year together. As a military couple, I wasn't sure it was going to happen especially since many of his buddies deployed. But here we are in 2011 and the only separations we've had to endure were during my canoe trip and a trip home for spring break- not even a single field exercise!
We also welcomed our pup Lucy into our home. She is the sweetest little cuddlebug and the perfect addition to our family. Although she suffers from severe separation anxiety and drives us nuts sometimes, we couldn't imagine our life without her. I also welcomed a new brother into the family when my older sister got married a day before our anniversary! It's been such a wonderful year and all of these things and more have helped to make it so. Thank so you much for reading my blog and sticking with me! I wish you a very happy and healthy 2011!

My 10 Food/Blog Goals for 2011

1. Post at least twice a week- I actually want to post more than this but considering my 21 hour load that I'm taking at school this semester ( :0 ) I decided to stick with two. I admire all the bloggers who update daily and would one day like to be able to do that. But in the meantime, my goal is twice a week and more when I can manage.

2. Host a giveaway- I won 2 giveaways in 2011 so I'd like to give something back to you guys! As soon as I decide what to give away, I'll be sending some goodies your way!

3. Do a Blog Makeover- Right now, I'm using a template provided by blogger. I'd love to design my own header and make over my blog but since I have absolutely no skills with HTML or any design talent, I think I might have to pay someone to do it for me. Once I get over my indecisiveness and decide what I want it to look like, this blog is getting a makeover!

4. Join some kind of blogging group- I'm not sure exactly how to word this but I'd love to join a group that posts once or twice a month in response to some kind of challenge. I know there are a few that work through cookbooks and post weekly so as soon as I find one my goal is to join in!

5. Host a dinner party- We've had people over for dinner and I've hosted Thanksgiving and Easter but I'd love to host an elegant dinner party and go all out on food and decor. Reading the Luxury Dinner Party posts from Project Food Blog gave me all sorts of inspiration. Our kitchen table only seats 3 though so perhaps a new table is in order :)

6. Work with yeast- Yeast intimidates me and I've never even attempted to work with it. This year, I'd like to work with in in order to make pretzels and bread and maybe even doughnuts!

7. Tamales- I had tamales for the first time at my internships Thanksgiving party for the kids this past year. They were delicious and I'd love to try my hand at recreating them.

8. Dog Treats- I received a book for my birthday on how to make organic dog treats and have yet to try it out. Lucy, our pup, loves all the table treats she secretly gets from me but I think it's time to actually make some dog-only treats for her.

9. Grill More- We live in Southern California so with the exception of a few weeks out of the year the weather is almost perfect for grilling. I love food prepared on the grill and hubby likes the manly feeling of manning a grill so I'm surprised we didn't do much grilling. This year we will grill more!

10. Royal Icing- I've tried and failed when my little hand mixer gave out but this year will be different. With the help of my newest kitchen addition (she'll be featured on here as soon as she gets shipped from Georgia) royal icing shouldn't be a problem. I love decorated sugar cookies and how you can make some for almost any occasion and I would love to master the technique!

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