Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Food and Blog Goals

2012. It just feels weird saying it. I always think of that movie with John Cusack where Yellowstone blows up and all of that other crazy stuff happens. I just got used to saying 2011 so I can't believe this next year is already here! I did okay on my goals for last year so I figured I would do the same thing this year. I've carried over the things that I didn't accomplish last year and added a few new things as well!

2012 Food and Blog Goals

1. Post once a week- I was proud of myself for posting an average of 2 times a week for the whole year but my goal for this year is to not skip weeks of posting.

2. Host another giveaway

3. Keep up with my blogging group

4. Host a dinner party- this one is from last year but I think I will accomplish it this year!

5. Tamales

6. Dog Treats

7. Royal icing

8. Try and finish my 23 x 23 or at least accomplish half of it

9. Do a monthly review post at the end of the month- Most of my family reads this blog so I'd like to do a recap of my month with pictures and words.

10. Actually finish all of these goals!

Happy New Years!

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