Tuesday, August 30, 2011

23 by 23

A lot of bloggers I follow are doing a 25 by 25 (or 30 by 30) challenge. Basically, it's 25 (30) things they want to make by the time they turn 25 (30). I'm a big procrastinator-I once wrote a paper on procrastination for my junior English class and turned it in late-but the thought of having 3 years to accomplish a list of things makes my heart start pounding. I'm not big on commitment, at least not committing to this type of thing. I had no problem committing the rest of my life to the hubs but committing myself to making this stuff in 2 years is too much time and I'll get bored and be over it.

I like to make big lists and then never accomplish them. We'll never buy a fixer upper house because I'll come up with this huge list of things we need to make it fabulous and then I'll just sit down in the middle of the room and freak out about all the things on the list we have to do. I'm pretty sure that's one quality Neil wishes I didn't have but he has learned to love it, or at least tolerate it.

Anyways, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I'm still here blogging away more than a year after first starting this blog. But then I look at my 2011 Goals for this Blog (that I updated here) and realize I haven't completed half of them even though the year is almost 2/3 over. So it may seem kind of silly for me to commit myself to an even bigger to do list in a shorter amount of time but I'm doing it!*

23 by 23

1. Pizza Dough
2. Sour Dough Bread
3. Croissants
4. Pretzels
5. Donuts
6. Cinnamon Rolls
7. Cream Puffs
8. Cannoli
9. Royal Icing Cookies
10. Homemade Girl Scout Cookies
11. Homemade Ice Cream
12. A Decorated Cake
13. Tamales
14. Queso Blanco
15. Carne Asada
16. Huevos Rancheros
17 Beef Bourguignon
18. Chicken and Dumplings like my Nanny makes
19. Vodka Sauce
20. Ribs
21. Fish and Chips
22. Something from my Pinterest "Yum" board
23. Another thing from my Pinterest "Yum" board

*If I don't finish this by next July I reserve the right to turn this into a 25 by 25 and give myself another 2 years to finish it.

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