Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 Food/Blog Goals Updated

Since it's already September (well almost) I decided I should probably take a look at those goals I made back in January, you know, since I've had over 8 months to work on them. Plus, I have another post related to them coming up tomorrow. So, here goes!

I've italicized those that are in progress and bolded those I've finished.

My 10 Food/Blog Goals for 2011

1. Post at least twice a week-okay so I failed at this one. But I've posted 66 times in 2011 and at 2 posts a week that's 33 weeks. And we're on week 35 (I think) so technically if we are going by averages I still have a chance to complete this.

2. Host a Giveaway-well I've bought the stuff, does that count? Not all of it but I've bought two very useful kitchen things and now I'm just looking for something big and good to add to it.

3. Do a Blog Makeover-Complete! What do you think of the new look? Do you like it? Do you miss the pink goodness that always made me want to shop at Victoria's Secret? Anything I should add or change?

4. Join Some Kind of Blogging Group-Complete! I participate in the Recipe Swap hosted by A Taste of Home Cooking with my What's Cooking Girls. I don't participate every week because sometimes life gets way too busy and I don't want to commit and not follow through but I have definitely joined a group!

5. Host a dinner party- This one is still in the works. We've had plenty of people over for dinner but haven't hosted a real party yet. 4 months left.

6. Work with yeast- Nope, haven't started it yet. But hopefully soon!

7. Tamales- this is another fail on my part to complete this list but I'm going to try for it by the end of the year.

8. Dog Treats- I've bought plenty of bags of Snausages and rawhide for Lucy. Doesn't count? Oh well.

9. Grill More- Fail. I have another month of super nice weather here in So Cal so maybe I can stuff a summer's worth of grilling into one month.

10. Royal Icing-I predict decorated cookies in the near future (if 3 months can be considered near)

2/10. One fifth. Twenty percent completed. I submit to you the evidence that I'm horrible with resolutions. At least another 2/10 are halfway there. That means I'm 4/10 or two fifths or almost 40 % done. That sounds better.

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