Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Food/Blog Goals-How Did I Do?

Last year, I made a list of 10 Food/Blog Related Goals I wanted to accomplish in 2011. In true-Tyler fashion, I promptly forgot about them and didn't exactly carry most of them through. Halfway through the year, I remember and tried to do some

1. Post at least twice a week-success! Kind of. I didn't post twice a week but if you add up all of my posts, and divide by two, it's more than 52 so therefore, success!

2. Host a giveaway-success! Better late than never. I finally hosted one about two weeks ago. Congrats to the lucky winner!

3. Do a blog makeover- success! Any remember the pink overload that reminded me of Victoria's Secret? Do you like the new look? Should I change it up again in the upcoming year?

4. Join some kind of blogging group-success! The ladies on one of the cooking boards I look at put together a recipe swap that I've participated in a few times. Here is the link for all of the recipes I've made through that.

5. Host a dinner party-had lots of people over to dinner but I didn't quite make the dinner party I was aiming for

6. Work with yeast-success! I've successfully made pizza dough 4 times this year. I'm still working on the seasonings and such for the crust but when I perfect it, I'll post it!

7. Tamales

8. Dog Treats

9. Grill More-success! This one wasn't too hard considering we didn't grill on our own even once in 2010. We used the grill our apartment complex provided at least 4 times this summer, including when the County of San Diego had a massive blackout and we were stuck with no power for about 12 hours in September.

10. Royal Icing

6/10 isn't too bad. I didn't pass but I did better than I expected. I can't wait to make some new goals for next year! Any ideas?

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