Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'll be back soon!

Sorry for such a long wait for posts! I'm going through midterms in school right now as well as starting up my internship, so I've been super busy! But the real delay in posts is because of a trip required for my major. I spent four days this weekend canoeing over 20 miles up and down the Colorado River.

We started here
and ended up here
right beneath the Hoover Dam. It was an amazing, hard, and rewarding trip and it reminded me of how much I love my major.

We saw tons of big horned sheep, got a little dirty, and saw some amazing views!

Now for the cooking related part of the trip :) We experienced camping culinary creations
like Dutch Oven Pizzas, Cornbread and Chili, French Toast and Sausage, and Blueberry Pancakes! All of this was cooked on top of our canoe kitchen!

The food was some of the best camping fare I've experienced! I promise to post some actual recipes this week!


  1. You certainly were lucky to go a such a beautiful trip down the river! Cannot wait to hear about the food that was prepared. What part of California do you live?

  2. We're in North San Diego County. Originally from Georgia but I love it out here!