Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mexican Stuffed Shells

I first had these as an appetizer at a friends potluck lunch. They were delicious and my chips and salsa just couldn't compare. They didn't seem that hard to make so I decided to attempt it for dinner later on that week.

1 Box of Jumbo Shells (I used about 16-18), cooked and drained.
1 lb of taco meat
Taco seasoning packet or your own seasoning for taco meat
Small jar of salsa or picante
Shredded cheese
And optional, onion and can of refried beans

Just fry up your meat and onion and drain. Star in the taco sauce and let simmer for a few minutes. My hubby doesn't like beans so I set his portion of meat aside and then I added a half can of refried beans to mine and stirred up.

Layer the bottom of baking dish with the salsa. Just a thin layer. Then take your meat and put about a little over a spoonful into each shell. Top it off with cheese and place into the baking dish with the seam side on top. Spread the rest of the salsa over the top and cook for about 30 min at 350. Delicious.

You could also serve these as a appetizer. Just omit the salsa from the bottom of the pan and instead add it directly into the shell and maybe sprinkle some crushed chips on top.

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